The Witch of Edmonton

The Witch of Edmonton

Thomas Decker and John Ford

Mon 10th August to Sat 15th August 2015


David Grimes

Royal Scots Club(map)

The Witch of Edmonton

Audition Information


Performances Aug 10th – Aug 15th, inclusive, at 6:30pm each night.


The Plot:

Edmonton: such an idyllic village.  Mother Sawyer, a poor and lonely old woman, has turned to the devil to revenge herself on the village that called her, what else but, a witch.  Well loved Frank, on the other hand, has secretly become a bigamist in order to protect his family’s fortunes.  As Sawyer’s familiar, a black dog from hell, torments the villagers and an elopement ends in murder, the people of Edmonton must decide what merits forgiveness when everyone is to blame.  Multi-award winning EGTG present this rarely performed Jacobean play by Thomas Dekker and John Ford.    


The Characters: 

A note about the ages:  The ages listed are only the lower limits.  Given that many of these characters are related, ages will be decided by the overall make up of the cast.  For example, Cuddy’s father, Old Banks, needs to look age appropriate next to Cuddy.  If Cuddy is cast as a 35 year old, the father would need to look at least 55.  But if Cuddy is cast as a 20 year old, his father could be 40.


Mother Sawyer – A poor, friendless woman whom the village believes is a witch.  Female, age 60+

Frank – A charming, well respected and beloved “lad done well” whose loyalty to his family finds him agreeing to more than he should.  Male, age 25+

Cuddy – A loveable oaf in love with an unwinnable woman.  He’s the moral compass of the play.  Male, age 20+

The Dog – The devil’s agent and familiar of Mother Sawyer.  Physical part with a devised, stylized movement.  Either gender, any age

Sir Arthur Clarington – The local nobility, respected by the village but hiding dark secrets.  Male, aged 45+

Old Thorney – Frank’s father.  A landed gentry who has fallen on hard times but who has found a way out of financial troubles through an advantageous marriage for his son.  Male, aged 45+

Carter – The owner of the local pub.  He has two beautiful and muh admired daughters.  He’s keen to make a good match for his eldest daughter and has the money to assure his pick.  Male, aged 45+

Old Banks – Cuddy’s father and chief tormenter of Mother Sawyer.  Male, aged 45+

Ratcliffe – A local land owner.  Male, aged 30+

Warbeck – Frank’s chief competition, a rich suitor to Carter’s eldest daughter. Male, aged 25+

Winifred – Frank’s wife and Sir Arthur’s maid.  She is pregnant with Frank’s child.  Or is it Frank’s? Female, aged 25+

Susan – Carter’s eldest daughter.  She is a prize to be won but is fiercely independent, knows her own mind and isn’t afraid of showing it.  Female, aged 25+

Katherine – Carter’s younger daughter. Supportive and Susan’s best friend.  Female, aged 20+

Ann/Judge – Ratcliffe’s wife.  A respected woman driven mad at Mother Sawyer’s instruction.  The judge is the voice of reason in the village.  These characters may be one or two distinctly different characters.  This is to be decided.  Female, aged 30+

Overall breakdown:  5 women, 8 men, 1 either gender.


The Auditions and Rehearsals:

Auditions will be held on Sunday, April 12th beginning at 2pm and again on Wednesday, April 15th beginning at 7:30pm.  You only need to attend one audition session.  There is no need to prepare anything for the audition.  Audition sides, as will the final edited script, are available for download here.  If you would like a copy of the script or audition sides, please contact the director, David Grimes, at 

Rehearsals will begin on Sunday, May 31st at 7:30pm.  Rehearsals will be held 3 times a week and are anticipated to be on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday nights beginning at 7:30pm each night ending at 10:30pm.  The rehearsal schedule will be developed to accommodate any unavailability listed on the audition forms.

All cast members are required to be members of the Grads for insurance purposes.  Membership fees are £25 and covers the first show in which the member takes part.  If you have already performed with the Grads in 2015, you will be expected to pay a £25 show fee to cover insurances.