Wildest Dreams

Wildest Dreams

Alan Ayckbourn

Wed 11th November to Sat 14th November 2015


Sara-Jane McGeachy

Assembly Roxy(map)

Stanley, Hazel, Warren and Rick make the weekly escape from their real life nightmares into a role-playing board game peopled by dragons and monsters. A safe world where the dangers are of their own imagining; where they are free to become heroes of their own devising. But how clear is the dividing line between what they choose to be and what they really are? What would it take for them to lose sight of it altogether?

Characters: Stanley Inchbridge A teacher( 50ish).  Hazel Inchbridge His wife, (mid 40s). Austen Skate Her brother, (50ish)Warren Wrigley A pupil of Stanley, (late teens)  Thelma Wrigley Warren's mother, (40s) Rick Toller An introverted girl, (20s)Marcie Banks The newcomer, (20s) Larry Banks Marcie's husband, (30s,early 40s)

Auditions: 7.30pm, Wednesday 22nd and 2.30pm Sunday 26th July

For audition sides or any other equiries please contact Sara-Jane sjm450@hotmail.com
For more information on the play go to: http://wildestdreams.alanayckbourn.net/index.html

All those cast are required to be members of the Grads for insurance purposes. Membership fees are £25 and cover the first show in which the member takes part. 
 If you have already performed with the Grads in 2015, you will be expected to pay a £25 show fee to cover insurance.