Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?

Edward Albee

Wed 11th May to Sat 28th May 2016


David Grimes


At the faculty mixer, Martha has invited new professor Nick and his homely wife Honey back for a night cap with her husband, George.  Plied with more alcohol, Nick and Honey get caught up in George and Martha’s games: Humiliate the host!  Get the guests!  Hump the hostess!  What could be more fun? As night becomes day, George and Martha’s need to hurt each other and everyone around them, the emotional brutalization filling an unspeakable void at their center, gives a troubling preview of what Nick and Honey’s life could become.

Starring Richard Godden, Kyle Matson, Mel Sherwood and Caroline Hood.

This production will tour to Dalbeattie on May 21st at the invitation of the Birchvale Players and Bo'Ness on May 28th at the invitation of The Barony Players.