Mike Bartlett

Fri 17th February, 2017


Naomi Wallis-Ryder

Churchill Theatre(map)

In using the term "romantic" the company defines "romantic" as the following: any gesture, indication, communication (verbal or otherwise), appearance, message, understanding or organised meeting or event which is perpetrated with a view to advancing the relationship towards love.

Emma is settling in well at her new job. Her sales figures are improving and she gets on with everyone in the office. Emma starts seeing Darren, one of her colleagues. But now the Manager wants a chat. Emma signed a contract, you see, and she is about to find out exactly how far that contract goes.....

Mike Bartlett's short but razor-sharp take on the modern corporate workplace is both absurd and all too familiar. As the play creeps towards its bleakly logical conclusion, it begs the question: how far would you go to keep your job?

Please note that the SCDA One Act Play festival runs over three days, from Thursday 16 February to Saturday 18 February. We're performing on the Friday night. Curtain up at 7pm with no admittance for latecomers.

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